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Have you ever tasted salted dried tilapia in a stew? How about any moringa flavored food? Come along and check them for yourself.

What Dishes Can You Find in Slazkitchen?

In Slazkitchen, I share with you purely African and non-African dishes. To be more precise, the African dishes are mainly from West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria and Togo). The non-African dishes are not traditionally West African food but can be prepared with everyday ingredients.

You get to try out really awesome recipes no matter where you find yourself. If you’re travelling to West Africa someday, don’t forget to try out these recipes as well.

They are awesome, very nutritious and healthy!

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What makes Slazkitchen different?

Have you ever prepared a meal where you think about the final taste of the food before you even start preparing it?

Well, that’s what happens in Slazkitchen! I always expect a particular taste before I start cooking! Funny, right? I do get it most of the time. Other times too, I just allow the food to take its own direction.

Each recipe comes with a step-by-step procedure to get it done. I also try as much as possible to suggest alternative ingredients. The sense of community too is huge!

I also share tips on what’s happening in the world of food in relation to sustainable living. It helps you to make better food choices and also be informed of the whole food system. If you plan to prepare workple with okro stew or fluffy chicken bao, how do all the ingredients get to your end? You’ll get to know these and other exciting happenings in the food world.

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